My concept is to be the best "people photographer" available.  I will capture the mood, expression and feeling of the best times of your life.  The kind of moments that are over much too fast.  Stylistically, I tend to be a bit more traditional.  Let me stop you before we go much further.  Traditional is not bad.  After all, tradition is what we come back to year after year.  I consider myself the "little black dress" of photography.  Classic, timeless, not overly trendy.  Something you can rely on, like a best friend.  I whole heartedly feel connected to the people I photograph and each face becomes a part of my own story as a photographer.  A graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta, I bring over ten years of experience to my assignments.  At Proof Images, we consider it an honor to provide you with photos that will become part or the very beginning of your story.  Our new home is the lovely town of Dahlonega, Georgia.  We offer a full service studio and art gallery at 19 E Main Street just off the Public Square. Join us for a fun vintage style souvenir photo or stop in to see local art. Located next door to Dahlonega Ghost Tours and Wine Tasting Room.